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How To Get Selfie Stamp Easily In Google Pay

How To Get Selfie Stamp Easily In Google Pay?

1st Method To Get Selfie Stamp:

Do 2 Bill Payments - Make Bill Payments Of ₹300 Or More Using Google Pay App. After 2nd Payment, You Could Get Free Selfie Stamp.

2nd Method To Get Selfie Stamp:

Refer 2 Friends - Refer Your 2 Friends With Your Google Pay Referral Code & Tell Them To Do ₹1 first Transaction. You Could Win Selfie Stamp By Referring 2 friends as Per Google.

[Try Luck] How To Get Selfie Stamp In Google Pay 2020 Offer:

This method is totally luck base but it is verified by me and by one of my friend personally. So Just Give a Try to Get A Selfie Stamp In Google Pay 2020 Offer.

  • First of All, all you have to need is 6 DJ  or 6 Balloon Stamps in Your Google Pay 2020 Offer.
  • Gift 5 DJ Stamps or 5 Balloon Stamps to Different-Different Users.
  • Ask all that 5 Different Persons to Collect DJ Stamps or Balloon Stamps.
  • After your friend will Collect those stamps, You will get 5 Return Gift Stamps.
  • Open it and you have 80% to 90% Chance to Get a Selfie or Disco Stamp.
  • If you have Disco Stamp but not selfie stamp then send Disco Stamp and you could get Selfie Stamp.
  • If you have not different users, send on the given user:
  1. https://gpay.app.goo.gl/XYeKiZ
  2. https://gpay.app.goo.gl/dWWeoY
  3. https://gpay.app.goo.gl/SFefni
  4. https://gpay.app.goo.gl/5A9rnL
  5. https://gpay.app.goo.gl/EqXZqc

Other Methods To Get Selfie Stamp [Not-Verified] 

  • You Can Pay Bill In Cred App Or Airtel Thanks App Through Google Pay UPI. Some Of Our Readers Got Selfie Stamp Via This Way.
  • You Can Share Your Stamps Like Pizza Or Toffee With Your Friends & You Could Get Selfie Stamp As All This Are Part Of Layer 2 In Cake.
  • Do Transaction In UrbanClap App With GooglePay With Min Of ₹249, You Will Get Extra Coupon Of Swiggy / Grofers, Etc. & Also You Will Get Disco Or Selfie Stamp
  • Google Pay 2020 Image Scanner Or Google Pay On Air can Fetch You 4 Daily Stamps & If You Are Lucky Enough you could Get Disco or Selfie Stamp From This Method.

As we already posted Google Pay 2020 Complete Cake Offer for you.

But the problem is many users are Not Getting Selfie Stamp. So don't worry, after applying this method you will definitely get Selfie Stamp For Free.

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