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Leaked Motorola Phone With Stylus Pen Could be Moto G Stylus

Leaked Motorola Phone With Stylus Pen Could be Moto G Stylus

It seems that Motorola is going to launch a new smartphone with the stylus pen. The new Phone of Motorola with a stylus pen has been leaked online on the Canadian government site. It appears that the name of this phone can be Moto G Stylus.
In February 2019 Motorola launched Moto G7 smartphones. This indicates that very soon we will see Motorola's new phone and the name of this phone can be Moto G Stylus.

Leaked Motorola Phone With Stylus Pen Could be Moto G Stylus
Leaked Motorola Phone With Stylus Pen Could be Moto G Stylus

Evan Blass who is famous by his twitter name @evleaks has leaked the new Motorola phone bundled with a stylus pen. He didn't provide any details about that Motorola model. But he shows its hole-punch display design and curved glass protection.

In the leaked Photo It seems that Moto G stylus doesn't have a pressure-sensitive tip that exists on the S Pen available with Samsung's Galaxy Note series. This suggests that this new Moto G stylus phone wouldn't be a top-end option in the line of Motorola smartphones this year.

As per the details that are available on the Radio Equipment List (REL) on the Government of Canada, Motorola has the Moto G Stylus in the works with model number XT2043-4. This could be the new Motorola phone with a stylus pen.
Motorola received approval by the Canadian authority on January 3 and also surfaced on US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with the same model number. However, Motorola didn't announce any specifics of this phone so far.

Alongside the stylus-carrying phone, Evan Blass also hinted at the development of the Motorola Edge+ smartphone. He tweeted the name of the smartphone and mentioned that it would be a Verizon-locked phone with a hole-punch display.

Motorola Edge+ could be the company's flagship phone if we believe in the rumors. Moreover, Evan Blass in his fresh tweet mentioned that the leak showing off the Motorola phone with the stylus pen shouldn't be associated with the Motorola Edge+ smartphone.

Technical Guru Ji also mentioned in his video that the Motorola leaked phone name could be Moto stylus G but there is no official news of this phone came so we can't confirm its name. It is possible that soon Motorola will reveal the name of this leaked phone. If we get any news about this phone we will let you inform.

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