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What will change after Realme UI Update

 What will change after Realme UI Update

These days Phone maker Companies are only focusing on what best they can give to their customers. Xiaomi has launched the MIUI operating system on 16 August 2010 and after which every Xiaomi phone comes with an MIUI Operating system. Samsung has also launched its Operating system OneUI ON 24 December 2018.
Recently CEO of Realme (which is the parent company Oppo) Madhav Sheth has announced that now Realme Phone will come with their own operating system Realme UI. Before Realme UI Realme phone run on ColorOS 6. but now they will run on ColorOS7.

This is a big deal for Realme users, given that the company has been talking about it on social networking sites. Realme CEO Madhav Sheth says they have made a couple of changes for Indian users. The biggest change of Realme UI is stated to be a stock Android-inspired UI design while others change involve some bits inspired by what Xiaomi and Samsung have been doing so far.

Realme has just started rolling out the Realme UI update and if you have Realme XT phone then you can get a chance to experience it.
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What will change after Realme UI Update

 What will change after Realme UI Update
 What will change after Realme UI Update

1- Change in Settings and Notification Panel

If you upgrade Realme from ColorOS 6 to Realme UI then you will notice that rectangular quick settings icon will disappear and Realme UI brings a circular icon with the flat layout. This new icon will not only nice to look but also very much responsive.
 What will change after Realme UI Update

2- Change in Camera Setting after Realme UI Update

Realme phones come with either a 48-megapixel or 64-megapixel quadcore rear camera setup. After the Realme UI update, Realme will revamp it with a design closer to that of the stock camera. You will have all the important settings just a tap away.
After the Realme UI update, the 64-megapixel camera mode is placed right next to the portrait mode of the main user interface. It might seem like a small change but if you constantly switch between full resolution and pixel binned resolution, then you will appreciate this change.
After Realme UI update, You will also found an additional option called More, from where you can access features like time-lapse, ultra macro, slow-motion and others.
 What will change after Realme UI Update

3- Change in Lockscreen, Wallpapers, and Icons Setting after Realme UI Update

After Realme UI update you will get new wallpapers that are not available on ColorOS 6. This update will also add some customization options for icon style, which is something you will the same as Nova launcher. However, you can also download any icon pack from the Play Store and use it.

After Realme UI update You will have the option to select the clock style displayed in the ambient display. There are options to choose from the digital and analog-style clock. These will come with bright fonts and are creative in nature. But this will take more battery.
 What will change after Realme UI Update

4- Change Smart Sidebar and Multitasking Setting after Realme UI Update

After Realme UI update You can add your favorite apps to the smart sidebar and it makes easier to multitask at the same time.

5- Three Finger Screenshot after Realme UI Update

After Realme UI update You can take a partial screenshot by holding onto a section with your three fingers.

Personal Information Protection and Cloud Storage after Realme UI Update

Personal Information Protection block apps from accessing personal information. It says when enabled, After the real me UI update the system will provide empty information to avoid real information leakage. This sounds like a great feature that blocks annoying apps from stealing your information. It also claims to encrypt your call history, contacts and messages. Realme has also added Cloud backup option in the form of HeyTap Cloud but you know, most of us would be using Google Drive anyway.

These are some changes which you will see after the Realme UI update. Tell me, friends, how's this article?

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